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This wiki is about the powersystems minecraft mod currently in development. This mod utilizes minecraft forge, increasing compatibility with other mods!

The prototype version of it is planned to be released sometime within the next few weeks.

What does Power Systems add?Edit

Power systems is planned to add cool items based around electricity. Basic things such as cabling (crude wire), basic world generation (rubber wood trees, 3 variations of sap, crystal caves), items such as rubber and insulation, as well as their crafting recipies are now added.

List of items that will be added to the game indefinately: 

- Waterproof wires, currently not implemented but in design phase would add rainproof and "waterproof" cables that dont get damages or not carry a current through a block of water. 

-Low voltage wires, Wires that carry a low current. (Currently crude wire)

- Medium Voltage wires, carry a low to medium current. 

- High Voltage wires, can carry all currents. 

- Coolant

-Power Voltage Transformer, configures the power being passed through wireing to the selected settings.. Low setting makes it overheat less, but with little power being output. Med settting gives a moderate level of power coming through, with small heat generated in the transformer. High setting is used when massive amounts of power are needed, and heats up the transformer very fast. Coolants will be needed.

This is cool, but what  makes Power Systems different than [insert other power mod]?Edit

Main Article: Rubberwood forest

Time spent wikipedia'ing random stuff   Level of realismEdit

Power systems is designed to act as realisticly as possible. In addition, almost every item is modeled after a real life item.

For instance, the rubberwood tree generator is modeled after a real rubberwood tree that is typically found in hot, tropical regions.

2013-08-01 11.51.02

Naturally generated rubberwood trees, in a "Rubberwood hills edge" biome.

How to get rubber in real life AND powersystems!Edit

In order to get rubber in real life, you have to collect the sap of

the rubberwood tree and smelt in in a furnace, to get rubber sheets.

These rubber sheets are essentially  normal rubber, it's just not 

crafted into the correct shape yet. The rubberwood needs to be

tapped, with an Iron Treetap . Of course, some rubberwood

Badsap recipie

Sap smelts like any ore. If it is regular or good sap, it will give more than 1 rubber sheet.

trees produce much better sap than the others. This sap

tends to be easier to collect because it is more solid. On the 

other hand, some trees produce exceptionally terrible sap,

and this sap is harder to collect as it's not as rigid.

Compatability with other modsEdit

Power systems was created with minecraft forge. What minecraft forge does, basically, is add methods to minecraft so that

any forge mod doesn't have to modify minecraft.jar directly. This means that there is a much smaller chance that any two

minecraft forge mods will be incompatible. In addition, the fact that forge looks down upon at people that directly modify minecraft.jar

helps as well, because that means less mods will be incompatible with any other forge mod. <end joke>

Getting started Edit



Crude wire, placed on the ground

Crude wire is currently the only cabling, and is crafted with rubber on the top or sides, and iron in the middle.


Crafting 3 crude wires

Crude wire is the most basic type of wire, and should handle anything

that the beginner Power Systems user should throw at it. Later in the game,

crude wire may also be useful, as it has a cheaper recipies that provides

more wire for less rubber:



Insulation crafting recipie

Insulation provides a way to increase the yeild from crafting wires. In version

1.0.0, insulation requires that you use Oak Wood Planks to craft it, this is 

currently a bug, as you should be able to use any plank, however the recipie

with oak wood planks is unaffected. To craft insulation, you have to put one oak plank

and one rubber sheet into the crafting table, it is a shapeless recipie and will output 2 insulation.

Different types of insulation are planned to be added in version 1.2.0. To use insulation, replace rubber sheets with insulation in the wire's crafting recipie. This yeilds 6 wires instead of 3.

World GeneratorEdit

Main arcticle: Rubberwood forestEdit

2013-08-01 11.51.02

Naturally generated rubberwood trees, in a "Rubberwood hills edge" biome.


Rubberwood trees are naturally generated trees that spawn

with sap around them. The trees have 2-3 block long branches, and

3-5 block deep roots. The easiest way to find rubber trees is to find a tree

similar to the ones in the picture, and then you will most likely find a forest with it.

The forest is similar to a modified vanilla forest.

Getting rubberEdit

Main article: Rubberwood tree

2013-08-01 12.03.00

The three types of sap. From left to right, bad sap, regular sap, and good sap.

Sap can be harvested without any tools.

There are 3 variations of sap: Bad sap, Regular sap, and Good sap.

Bad sap takes the longest to mine, because it is sticky. It also produces 

the lowest amount of rubber when smelting. It has a 90% chance to spawn.

Regular sap produces 4 rubber when smelted, and takes the same time as dirt

to collect. Good sap produces a whopping 12 rubber when smelted, but is also very rare. Good sap is the fastest sap to collect.

Badsap recipie

Sap smelts like any ore. If it is regular or good sap, it will give more than 1 rubber sheet.

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